Ghost meets rival Python cares about Somer after outstanding form in the World Cup

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Inter Milan must compete with Manchester United to sign Jann Somer, Monchengladbach goalkeeper. Who is showing a sticky form in the World Cup for Switzerland. At this time, but the chances of the Red Devils are greater.

Serie A side Inter Milan are reportedly interested in Borussia Monchengladbach goalkeeper Yann Sommer. Come to see the pole during this June. After making impressive contributions to Switzerland in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar But have to compete with Manchester United who want the same.

Ghost meets rival Python cares about Somer after outstanding form in the World Cup

The 33-year-old was in charge of the clock in the first two games. A 1-0 win over Cameroon and a 0-1 loss to Brazil while the final game a 3-2 win over Serbia was rested and Gregor Go was rested. Bale , who has guarded the UFABET post instead. His hometown side have now advanced to the last 16 as second place in Group G and face Portugal on Tuesday December 6.

his contract with Monchengladbach The deal expires in June 2023. Causing several media outlets in Italy such as Sky Sport Italia, La Gazzetta dello Sport and many others to state that Internacional want Sommer . It is second hand after Andre Onana recently had a problem with Rico Bear Song, the shaman coach. Until he was sent home. before their team was eliminated in the first round

While Bild, the media in the beer city. Reported that the team from Dan Macaroni Faced with stiff competition from the Red Devils in the English Premier League. Dutch coach Erik Tenhag sees Sommer as not second choice. But will replace David de Gea, the Spanish defenseman which will expire at the end of this season

with the choice between playing consistently Having to fight for gloves with Onana makes this goalkeeper very experienced. More likely to head to Old Trafford after the end of the summer football contract De Gea ‘s situation is still uncertain. due to high wages Therefore, it is in the network that United will be released without the option to extend the contract for another year.