Things to know before entering online casino bonus-promotion

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     in choosing an online casino What I value the most is the promotions and bonuses that they provide for us. because if compared to gambling as an investment These two things are like dividends or welfare that we should have. Which many people tend to miss this because they don’t really care about making money from online gambling Today, I’m going to suggest a way to see that. Bonus – good promotion, how does it have to be UFABET?

 Vocabulary you need to know before watching the promotion

First of all, we must know the terminology that they use because in the online casino industry. He will have specific terminology for calling various promotions or bonuses. If you don’t understand here, there may be a misunderstanding for sure Mainly. There are a few words that must be remembered as follows.

  • rollover

One of the most catchy hits in the online gambling industry, which means the required amount of turnover bets. It is an important condition for our withdrawals. Easy to withdraw, difficult to withdraw, it’s here. for example

“First deposit, receive an instant bonus of 100% up to 1,000 baht, 20 times rollover” means that if we deposit 500 baht, we will receive another 500 baht bonus, including having money in the account now 1,000 baht. Let’s see if we have to do.  How much turnover is required to withdraw money?

  • Rollover formula = (Equity + Bonus) x 20

This means that our rollover will be equal to (500+500) x 20 = 20,000 baht.

  • turnover

It is our current turnover amount. Every time we place a bet, whether losing or winning, it will continue to increase and whenever the amount turn over Greater than or equal to the rollover, we will be able to withdraw money.

  • Cashback

Anyone who uses a credit card may be familiar with this term. Yes, in online casino There is also a refund for us, which the cashback is the amount of money back if we lose all the games. Some of them may have cashback for only the first bill. But no matter what, there is no way to get it for free, because we have to exchange for making more turns as well. More importantly, if you want to get here, you have to say hello to the casino to talk to his staff as well.

  • rebate

This one is similar to Cashback, except that it doesn’t look at the total loss. But look at the amount of turnover bets Or the amount of turn that is eligible, whoever has the turnover amount less than this rollover will not be eligible for rebates. When refunding, the system will automatically charge, but we have to accept it ourselves on the refund page. On that page, there will be information telling us what we gamble on. How many turns do you have? Then there will be a claim button for the part that can be rebated. Press to receive money immediately. Most of them will cut off every week. If we forget online casino Some places can apply retrospectively. For the most given rate, the highest is 0.8%. If you find someone who gives more than this, hurry up and lock the target.