The doctor suggested 10 secrets to “sleep” easily, full of waking up, and quality.

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Believe it or not, sleeping sounds easy. But it’s difficult for many people. until having to rely on help from doctor Or have to rely on certain drugs that may affect the body and mind in other ways. Doctors recommend 10 simple tips. That will help to get a full night’s sleep is not as difficult as you think for good health in the future.

The doctor suggested 10 secrets to “sleep” easily, full of waking up, and quality.

the importance of sleep

Getting enough sleep that meets your body’s needs is the best rest. And it also has a good effect on physical and mental health. Reduce the risk of developing various diseases But for those who have sleep problems such as snoring, insomnia, insufficient sleep, abnormal daytime sleepiness. Or those who have other abnormal sleep behaviors. Such as twitching limbs, teeth grinding or sleepwalking, having nightmares, and waking up regularly.

These symptoms may affect the occurrence of various diseases such as high blood pressure, paralysis, heart disease, diabetes, accidents from lethargy, short attention span, slow learning, depression, obesity, sexual dysfunction. It also increases the risk of death. 

If you have such symptoms It is advisable to see a sleep specialist. to check sleep and diagnose sleep disorders

10 secrets to “sleep” easily, full and get quality

Dr. Anek Kanoksilp, director of the Institute of Chest Diseases, Department of Medicine, said that people with sleep problems for a long time. May adversely affect health in many ways. In addition, insufficient sleep in people with underlying diseases may increase or exacerbate existing diseases or symptoms. Therefore, for good sleep hygiene Behavior modification in everyday life is important. So that the body can rest fully Follow these tips for good sleep hygiene:

  1. go to bed and wake up on time Whether it’s a working day or a holiday
  2. I don’t recommend sleeping during the day. If sleeping during the day, it should not exceed 30 minutes and should not exceed 3:00 p.m.
  3. Avoid eating heavy meals at least 4 hours before bedtime.  
  4. Avoid caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and avoid smoking at least 4 hours before bedtime.
  5. should exercise regularly and avoid exercising 2 hours before bedtime
  6. Relieve anxiety, meditate, avoid talking on the โปรโมชั่น ufabet phone or watching scary movies before bed.
  7. Proper sleep environment The temperature in the bedroom must not be hot. or not too cold Free from distractions such as light and sound
  8. If you cannot fall asleep within 30 minutes, get out of bed and do light activities. and go back to sleep when sleepy
  9. Use your bed for sleeping only.
  10. Get enough sunlight in the morning, at least 30 minutes every day. Because sunlight stimulates the control of the body’s vital clock. If found to have sleep disorders both quantity and quality on a regular basis which affects both physical and mental health and very sleepy during the day Should consult a doctor to examine and assess the root cause.

If anyone has sleep problems You can get a consultation from a doctor at Sleep Center Clinic Every Wednesday from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the outpatient clinic. Sleep Disease Center, 2nd Floor, Building 8