Why do some people get diarrhea when they eat spicy food, but others don’t?

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How do our bodies have different sensitivities to spicy flavors? And can we eat spicy food without getting a stomachache?

Why do some people get diarrhea when they eat spicy food, but others don't?

Some people may have wondered. Eat the same menu as other people But another person has diarrhea. Stomach pain from spicy food But the other person was nothing at all. What is the reason? Is it true that our bodies have different sensitivities to spicy flavors?

Asst. Prof. (Special) Dr. Thanisa Patcharatrakul, physician at the Gastrointestinal Disease Unit Internal Medicine Department Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society states that eating spicy food May cause burning pain in the mouth. and digestive tract and defecate more frequently Especially those who do not eat spicy food regularly. In addition, patients with gastrointestinal diseases such as stomach ulcers, acid reflux , and others should refrain from eating spicy food because it may irritate the stomach wall and digestive tract.

Train your body to be more tolerant of spicy flavors.

Good news for people who want to learn to eat spicy food to make it less painful. When we eat spicy food regularly Helps reduce burning sensations in the digestive tract. This is because capsaicin receptors in the gastrointestinal tract mucosa have a special property: when repeatedly stimulated, There will be familiarity. and more bearable The receptors not only receive the sensation of spiciness. Still feeling pain and burning as well Therefore, people who eat spicy food continuously will feel pain. and burning sensation in the digestive tract decreases

Advantages of eating spicy food

  1. Chili helps with appetite. Because chili peppers contain capsaicin, it helps the stomach expand to receive more food for a longer time.
  2. Chili helps lose weight Capsaicin may help burn calories and fat in the สมัคร ufabet body. Therefore, it is a good taste of food for those who are losing weight.
  3. Chili helps reduce inflammation. Reduce cancer risk Spicy flavor helps reduce inflammation in the body. And reduce the risk of cancer as well.
  4. Chili peppers reduce the risk of heart disease. Chili helps reduce platelet clumping. Helps dissolve blood clots This prevents the blood from clotting until it clogs the arteries. which is the main cause of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease